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Brickwork, Roofing, Roughcasting and Scaffolding Services

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Our Company

S&A Kilcoyne Limited has developed into one of Scotland’s leading independent construction company suppliers providing brickwork, roofing, roughcast and scaffolding services.

We specialise in working through partnership with the main contractor, whether regional or national, to achieve their production goals. Through our own professional expertise and working directly with organisations, we have developed a robust understanding of the factors that govern working on site. Our objective is to use this knowledge to allow our clients to maximise the returns from their developments.

We operate on sites throughout Scotland. Our growth and size is our strongest asset. Only through volume can we provide continuity of work for subcontractors. Only through volume, can we provide training for staff and subcontractors through the appointment of a training officer.

We have a director led approach, which delivers the highest quality of service by using short, functional chains of communication to aid decision making. Clients benefit from our forward thinking approach to training, quality procedures and our practical understanding of the issues they face.

NHBC Standards 2008

S & A Kilcoyne
Brickwork, Roofing, Roughcasting & Scaffolding Services
Woodhead Road, Chryston, G69 9HZ
Tel: 0141 530 5565   Fax: 0845 299 1445   Email: enquiries@snagroup.co.uk

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